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By training, by experience and in our hearts, we are journalists.


We talk to people. We view, review and analyze happenings. We write. We shoot photos and video.

We do it quickly and we do it well.

There are many ways we could deploy these skills, but our primary service lines are two:

  • COVERAGE: We work with media from outside Las Vegas to cover news of interest to their audiences. This news could originate at trade shows or conventions. It could be coverage of sports. It could be trend pieces. We can do text, photos and video.

  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: We work with companies that want to position themselves as thought leaders in their industries. We interview their experts and generate articles for use on the company website, in trade publications or in consumer-facing publications. We use our understanding of the media landscape – as well as our contacts – to find the best home for the content.

We see our place in the market as different than public relations. Many agencies can write and pitch announcements and stage grand openings. We could do that too but that’s not what we want to do.

Our niche is content creation. Check out our recent work, then let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Contact: Norman Bell


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