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Something for Ruth: When TLC and THC Joined Forces to Help a Dying Mom and Family

Taiwan: Bike-making Powerhouse

Los Angeles Times — Oct. 12, 2016

By John R Kelly

Across America, home garages and public bike racks are brimming with brand names such as Giant and Merida, known for their bicycles, Pacific Cycles and Tern, which offer high-quality folding bicycles and BESV, maker of premium electric bikes. But shoppers in the U.S. might not know these brands are made in world bicycle powerhouse Taiwan.

Now the secret is out as Taiwan “the world's second-largest bicycle exporter“ continues its speedy ascent in terms of quality and price.


CT casinos focus on growing Millennial gaming experience

Hartford  Business Press —Oct. 10, 2016

By Norm Bell

Move over Baby Boomers. Connecticut casinos are creating new spaces and embracing new games in an effort to pry open the wallets of Gen Xers and Millennials.

The demographic of aging Baby Boomers signal the necessity for change, executives at both Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun agree. Baby Boomers will remain the heart of the casinos' business for some years to come. But younger generations are not interested in passive games, particularly slot machines, and casinos must find ways to cater to younger tastes. 


Republicans play risky game down ballot

The Interpreter, Lowy Institute, Sydney Australia—Oct. 12, 2016

By Norm Bell

Would you jump off a roller coaster ride as the car picked up speed downhill?

Probably not.

But that's just what dozens of Republican candidates did over the weekend as Donald Trump's presidential campaign seemingly imploded over a decade-old audio tape.


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